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Mark Flanagan
Tony Kirkham
From the foreword "Preaparing for a plant hunting expedition, especilly your first one, is naturally cause for great excitement and a certain...
Diana Grenfell
Mike Shadrack
Från förlagets hemsida "The lush, sculptural hosta is loved by gardeners for its ability to both combine well with other plants and project a strong...
Michael A. Dirr
Del av text från bokens omslag "This lavishly illustrated encyclopedia describes the best woody plants, form Abeliophyllum to Zenobia, adapted to...
Rick Drake
Del av text från bokens baksida "The Timber Press Pocket Guide to Ornamental Grasses provides an accessible and comprehensive reference to the wide...
Dan Heims
Foreword from the book "Few perennials have undergone as dramatic a "makeover" as heucheras (coral bells) and their hybrids with tiarellas (...
W. George Schmid
From the foreword "This man knows his plants. In each genus, he offers the "master" gardener no-nonsens botanical informantion concerning height,...