Gardening with Conifers


Adrian Bloom

Del av text från bokens omslag
"From giant sequoiadendrons to dwarf thujas, from columnar Lawson cypresses to low, spreading junipers, the range of conifers forms and sizesis vast. With foliage, flowers, berries and cones, they contribute interest throughout the year. They provide a feast of color: some conifers turn bright gold in winter; others have crimson flowers or bright blue cones. They can be used as solo features to spectacular effect, or combined with bulbs, perennials, grasses and shrubs.

In this inspiring book, Adrian Bloom shares his expert knowledge of these often underrated plants. He shows how they can be used to enchance gardens of any size, and emphasizes their role in providing interest in all seasons.
Adrian Bloom has ad thirty-five years' experience in growing conifers, and has observed them in their natural habitats all over the world."


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