Heucheras and Heucherellas, Coral Bells and Foamy Bells


Dan Heims

Foreword from the book
"Few perennials have undergone as dramatic a "makeover" as heucheras (coral bells) and their hybrids with tiarellas (foamflowers), the heucherellas (foamy bells). Drawn mainly from dimiutive forest-dwelling species with small white flowers and unremarkable foliage, these woodlanders and crevice dwellers are indisputably the Cinderellas of today's gardens-they are now among the most popular, colorful, and award-winning plants in nurseries around the world.
Dan Heims and Grahame Ware not only provide background on the wild species of Heuchera, they also tell how these plants were developed into the garden stars they are today, with an appreciative nod to the breeders who revolutionized the plants charactersistics. The book's main feature is extensive listings of the hundreds of choice selections and hybrids avaible commercially; practical chapters on garden care, propagation, and design uses round out this fascinating account.
Gardeners looking for the drab and colorless need not trouble themselves with this book-the first ever on these striking plants. Those who do want to take a magical mystery tour into a world of silver, garnet, purple, black, chartreuse, and ruby-red, however, are invited along for the ride of their lives."


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